Water Meter Project

Logistics- Work Area Updates

City of Duncan staff are replacing all the polymer lids for the water meters and leaving door knockers to notify residents 7-10 business days in advance of when the installation crews will be in that neighborhood.

Installations of water meters begins August 8th, with over 13,000 meters to be done citywide by the contracted companies- please view FAQs for information. Please note this is a tentative install schedule that will be adjusted weekly as the project progresses based upon in the field reporting and that it may potentially be affected by weather and staffing.


A door knocker will be placed on the front door 7-10 days prior to the installers being in your area, so please check your door daily. 


Install addresses:

Sept. 17-23

3400-3500 blocks of Rambling Oaks Dr

1300-1400 blocks of Oakleaf Ct

3700 block of Oakleaf Ct

3400-3500 blocks of Crown Oaks Dr

1300-1400 blocks of Twisted Oaks Dr

3300 block of Brookhaven Dr

3200-3300 blocks Fox Hollow Rd

3200 block of Williamsburg Dr

2800-2900 blocks of Briarwood Dr

1000 block of Ranchwood Pl

3000-3100 blocks Timbercreek Ct

1000 block of Oakview Dr

1000 block of Ranchwood Pl- even house numbers

2800-2900 blocks of Briarwood Dr- even house numbers

1000-1100 blocks of Timbercreek Dr

1000-1200 blocks of Bent Tree St

2600-2900 blocks of Wildwood Dr

Sept. 24-30

2700-2900 blocks of Wild Oaks Drive

1200 block of Timbercreek Ct

2800-3000 blocks of Timbercreek Ridge

1200 block Timbercreek

1500-1600 blocks of Timbercreek

3000-3100 blocks Timbercreek Ct

1500-1700 blocks Foxboro Dr

2900-3100 blocks Timber Ridge Dr

3000-3200 blocks of Timbercreek Ridge

3000-3100 blocks Foxboro Drive

2800 block of Wild Oaks Dr

1000-1500 blocks of W Plato Rd

2500 block of Linwood Ln

2500 block of Wildwood Pl

2500 block of Coppercove Dr.

2100-2400 blocks of Country Club Rd

1000 block of Alpine Dr.

Oct. 1-7

2100-2200 blocks of Country Club Terrace

1000 block of Palm Drive

2100-2200 blocks of Carolin Drive

1000 block of Alpine Dr

100-400 blocks of S 27th Street

3000 block of Duncan Pointe

3000 block of Bree Circle

3000 block of Erica Circle

3000 block of Shelbie Circle

300-400 blocks of Amanda Drive

2600-2700 blocks of Martin Lane

2600-2700 blocks of Highcrest Drive

500-600 blocks of Cedar Creek Street

800-900 blocks of Peach Ave

1100 block of Peach Ave

2100 block of N 9th Street

McCasland Shopping Center

1100 block of N 10th Street

2000-2700 blocks of Country Club Road

1000-1100 blocks of W Jones Ave

1000-1100 W Elk Ave

1100 block of Crescent Ave

1500 block of Crescent Ave

1500 block of country Club Road

1200 block of Stewart Ave

1000-1400 blocks of N 11th Street

1100 block of W Peck Ave

Oct. 8-14 

1100-1400 blocks of N 12th Street

1100-1200 blocks of W Jones Ave

1100-1500 blocks of Grand Ave

1200 block of W Elk Ave

1200-1300 blocks of W Peck Ave

1100-1500 blocks of N 13th Street

1400 block of Evergreen Drive

Readings during the transition will be taken by Bermex, and their employees will drive vehicles and wear uniforms with their company logo.