Goals and Objectives

Emergency Management LogoThe goals and objectives of the Duncan Emergency Management Department

Preparing the City of Duncan for Emergencies

  • Citywide Incident Management System: All emergencies within the City of Duncan are managed in accordance with National Incident Management System principles.
  • Training and Exercises: City of Duncan EM conducts responder and staff training and exercises to test plans and response capabilities to identity areas of improvement. 
  • Incident Monitoring: Duncan EM monitors local, regional, state and national incidents for their impact on Duncan in order to provide decision makers with vital information and warning.  
  • Continuity of Operations: The Emergency Management Department is involved in ensuring essential public services are available during/following emergencies.
  • Emergency/Incident planning: The City of Duncan along with our community partners work together to prepare for and mitigate potential threats to our community through quarterly meetings.  These meetings allow us to maintain and coordinate a comprehensive emergency management plan.  

Coordinating Emergency Response and Recovery

  • Duncan Emergency Operation Center (EOC): During major events the EOC is the focal point for information coordination, resource requests and decision making.
  • Incident or Unified Command: IC or UC provides on-scene command, control, and communications.EM Truck
  • Public Warning: Duncan Emergency Management coordinates with decision makers, Public Information Officer, and surrounding entities to provide vital warning and information to the public. 
  • Volunteer Operations: Duncan EM partners with Volunteer Organizations Active in Disasters (VOAD) to establish and operate volunteer management capability supporting large scale incidents where many volunteers are needed to provide mass care (including shelter activations).
  • Recovery and Relief: following an emergency, Duncan EM works with government agencies, businesses and non-profit organizations providing assistance and relief to Duncan citizens.