Project Updates

Duncan Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation Phase 1

Nearing completion of Phase 1.

Phase 2

Engineering approved for the 12+ creek crossings and engineering work began March 2023.

Fact Sheet & Project Map

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Novinium Underground Power Cable Rejuvenation 

Upgrades in Duncan Power’s underground cable system continue with hired contractor, Novinium, who utilizes a proven state-of-the-art process to inject a proprietary chemical compound within the existing underground cables that rejuvenates the insulation properties of the underground electrical cables currently serving you with electricity. The process, originally developed in the 1980’s by Novinium, is fourth generation of the original process and works extremely well. Though the process takes longer than boring a new cable, it is cost effective and has a 100% success rate which is why many cities are choosing to use this technology. 

By using this process Duncan Power can give exiting cables a new start on life expectancy with only minimal digging, boring or trenching in yards. Please know that this does not mean a neighborhood that receives this process will never experience another power outage, but it does mean that we are rebuilding and reinvesting in our underground electric system in a few months, instead of a few years. 

Please be aware that there will be times when residents will experience power delivery disruptions to their home while workers go about their jobs for the safety of the homeowners and the electrical contractor’s workers. Duncan Power will notify residents by hanging door knockers the day(s) before power is to be turned off. In an emergency, or due to unforeseen circumstances, if notice before the power is turned off is not be possible, our crews will do their best to give as much advanced notice as possible.

Novinium Crews will be in these areas while making these important electrical service reliability improvements, with more neighborhoods to be done as funding is approved. 

  • Duncan Mobile Village
  • Timbergate
  • Clampitt Oaks 
  • Whispering Hills
  • Creekside Apartments
  • Twilight Beech
  • Millrun Court

We appreciate your patience during this important project.

El Rancho Water Tower Replacement

The project design phase is completed. 

Water Treatment Plant

The Settling Pond Clean Out design is completed. Bid opening scheduled for May 10th, 2023.

Water Lines Replacement Project

The first phase of the OWRB project is under construction on 28th/29th Street off of Beech Ave and the Chisholm Trail Parkway line is done.